Verified Commit d80a482c authored by Minyong Li's avatar Minyong Li 💬
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core.QuarterRoundTest: fix comb test vector use

parent d7827bd8
......@@ -34,12 +34,11 @@ class QuarterRoundTest extends FlatSpec with ChiselScalatestTester {
behavior of "The Combinational Quarter Round"
private def testCombinationalQuarterRound(
testVector: Seq[(UInt, UInt)]
): Unit = test(new CombinationalQuarterRound) { c =>
poke(c, testVectorRFC8439211)
expect(c, testVectorRFC8439211)
private def testCombinationalQuarterRound(tv: TestVector): Unit =
test(new CombinationalQuarterRound) { c =>
poke(c, tv)
expect(c, tv)
it should "pass RFC8439 2.1.1 test vector" in
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