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Verified Commit 91d71c41 authored by Minyong Li's avatar Minyong Li 💬
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testbench/CanCore.tb.v: add testbench for CanCore

parent 25097ed0
// Testbench for core.CanCore
// SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2021 Minyong Li <>
// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
`timescale 100ps/1ps
module CanCoreTest;
reg clock;
reg reset;
reg io_take;
wire io_halted;
reg [6:0] io_programMemory_read_addr;
wire [19:0] io_programMemory_read_data;
reg io_programMemory_write_en;
reg [6:0] io_programMemory_write_addr;
reg [19:0] io_programMemory_write_data;
reg [3:0] io_dataMemory_read_addr;
wire [511:0] io_dataMemory_read_data;
reg io_dataMemory_write_en;
reg [3:0] io_dataMemory_write_addr;
reg [511:0] io_dataMemory_write_data;
CanCore canCore (.*);
always #1 clock = ~clock;
initial begin
clock <= 0;
reset <= 1;
io_take <= 0;
io_programMemory_read_addr <= 0;
io_programMemory_write_addr <= 0;
io_programMemory_write_en <= 0;
io_programMemory_write_addr <= 0;
io_programMemory_write_data <= 0;
io_dataMemory_read_addr <= 0;
io_dataMemory_write_en <= 0;
io_dataMemory_write_addr <= 0;
io_dataMemory_write_data <= 0;
// Quartus Prime starts the simulator under
// fpga/<board>/simulation/<simulator>/ ; change the path if needed.
$readmemh("../../../../firmware/test/test.prog.hex", canCore.programMemory.mem);
$readmemh("../../../../firmware/test/", canCore.dataMemory.mem);
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