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>This fridayFagPacket was first published as a [blog](
# fridayFagPackets
Numbers that could have been done on the back of one and should probably come with a similar health warning...
>Find out [more](
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)
# It's the cats, stupid
Inspired by @giulio_mattioli's [recent paper on the car dependence of dog ownership]( we thought we'd take a look at [cats]( and residential energy demand. Why? Well people like to keep their cats warm but, more importantly, they also cut big holes in doors and/or windows to let the cats in and out. Hardly a thermally sealed envelope!
# What's the data?
For now we're using:
* postcode sector level estimates of cat ownership in the UK. Does such a thing exist? [YEAH](!
* LSOA level data on gas and electricity 'consumption' at LSOA/SOA level aggregated to postcode sectors
```{r loadData}
postcodes_dt <- data.table::fread("~/Dropbox/data/UK_postcodes/PCD_OA_LSOA_MSOA_LAD_AUG20_UK_LU.csv.gz")
postcodes_dt[, pcd_sector := tstrsplit(pcds, " ", keep = c(1))]
lsoa_DT <- postcodes_dt[, .(nPostcodes = .N), keyby = .(pcd_sector, lsoa11cd, ladnm, ladnmw)]
gas_dt <- data.table::fread("~/Dropbox/data/beis/subnationalGas/lsoaDom/LSOA_GAS_2019.csv.gz")
gas_dt[, lsoa11cd := `Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) Code`]
gas_dt[, mean_gas_kWh := `Mean consumption (kWh per meter)`]
gas_dt[, total_gas_kWh := `Consumption (kWh)`]
gas_dt[, nGasMeters := `Number of consuming meters`]
elec_dt <- data.table::fread("~/Dropbox/data/beis/subnationalElec/lsoaDom/LSOA_ELEC_2019.csv.gz")
elec_dt[, lsoa11cd := `Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) Code`]
elec_dt[, mean_elec_kWh := `Mean domestic electricity consumption
(kWh per meter)`]
elec_dt[, total_elec_kWh := `Total domestic electricity consumption (kWh)`]
elec_dt[, nElecMeters := `Total number of domestic electricity meters`]
setkey(gas_dt, lsoa11cd)
setkey(elec_dt, lsoa11cd)
setkey(lsoa_DT, lsoa11cd)
merged_lsoa_DT <- gas_dt[, .(lsoa11cd, mean_gas_kWh, total_gas_kWh, nGasMeters)][elec_dt[, .(lsoa11cd,mean_elec_kWh,total_elec_kWh,nElecMeters)]][lsoa_DT]
# remove the record for postcodes which did not have a postcode sector
message("How many LSOAs do not map to a postcode sector?")
# !
postcode_sector_energy <- merged_lsoa_DT[, .(nLSOAs = .N,
nPostcodes = sum(nPostcodes),
mean_gas_kWh = mean(mean_gas_kWh, na.rm = TRUE),
total_gas_kWh = sum(total_gas_kWh, na.rm = TRUE),
mean_elec_kWh = mean(mean_elec_kWh, na.rm = TRUE),
total_elec_kWh = sum(total_elec_kWh, na.rm = TRUE),
nGasMeters = sum(nGasMeters, na.rm = TRUE),
nElecMeters = sum(nElecMeters, na.rm = TRUE)), keyby = .(pcd_sector, ladnm, ladnmw)]
# cats
cats_DT <- data.table::fread("~/Dropbox/data/UK_Animal and Plant Health Agency/APHA0372-Cat_Density_Postcode_District.csv")
cats_DT[, pcd_sector := PostcodeDistrict]
setkey(cats_DT, pcd_sector)
setkey(postcode_sector_energy, pcd_sector)
pc_district <- cats_DT[postcode_sector_energy]
We could also use @SERL_UK's [smart meter gas/elec data](, dwelling characteristics and pet ownership (but no species detail :-)
# What do we find?
Well, in some places there seem to be a lot of estimated cats...
```{r maxCats}
pc_district[, mean_Cats := EstimatedCatPopulation/nElecMeters]
head(pc_district[, .(PostcodeDistrict, EstimatedCatPopulation, mean_Cats, nPostcodes, nElecMeters)][order(-mean_Cats)])
LL23 is on the south east corner of the [Snowdonia National Park...](,-3.775299,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4865404ae1208f67:0x65a437b997c0dfb2!8m2!3d52.8825403!4d-3.6497989) while EH25 is on the outskirts of [Edinburgh](,-3.2076308,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4887bf6548dd78d7:0xd6f980c5a3b93592!8m2!3d55.8560564!4d-3.1733124).
Is there a correlation between estimated total cats and the number of dwellings (electricity meters)?
```{r testTotalGas}
ggplot2::ggplot(pc_district, aes(x = nElecMeters , y = EstimatedCatPopulation)) +
geom_point() +
Is there a correlation between estimated cat ownership and energy use?
```{r testTotalGas}
ggplot2::ggplot(pc_district, aes(x = EstimatedCatPopulation, y = total_gas_kWh)) +
```{r testMeanGas}
ggplot2::ggplot(pc_district, aes(x = mean_Cats, y = mean_gas_kWh)) +
```{r testTotalElec}
ggplot2::ggplot(pc_district, aes(x = EstimatedCatPopulation, y = total_elec_kWh)) +
```{r testMeanElec}
ggplot2::ggplot(pc_district, aes(x = mean_Cats, y = mean_elec_kWh)) +
# R packages used
* bookdown [@bookdown]
* data.table [@data.table]
* ggplot2 [@ggplot2]
* knitr [@knitr]
* rmarkdown [@rmarkdown]
# References
makeReport <- function(f){
# default = html
rmarkdown::render(input = paste0(here::here("retrofitOrBust", f), ".Rmd"),
params = list(title = title,
subtitle = subtitle,
authors = authors),
output_file = paste0(here::here("docs/"), f, ".html")
# >> run report ----
rmdFile <- "itsTheCatsStupid" # not the full path
title = "#backOfaFagPacket: It's the Cats, stupid"
subtitle = "Does cat ownership correlate with home energy demand?"
authors = "Ben Anderson"
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