Commit dfe47907 authored by Edward Longman's avatar Edward Longman
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Fix the title page ordering and size styling

parent c386855e
......@@ -679,13 +679,15 @@
\vskip 60\p@
%% TODO: Change all the descriptions to italic like the Thesis one
{\large \facname \par}
{\large \deptname \par}
{\large A mini-thesis submitted for transfer from}
......@@ -717,7 +719,7 @@
{\large \bf \@title \par}
{\normalsize by \authornames \par}
{\normalsize \textit{by} \textbf\authornames \par}
{\normalsize \@date \par}
......@@ -727,18 +729,17 @@
{\huge \bf \@title \par}
{\LARGE by \par}
{\LARGE \textit{by} \par}
{\LARGE \authornames \par}
{\LARGE \textbf\authornames \par}
{\large A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the \par}
{\large degree of Doctor of Philosophy \par}
{\large \textit{A thesis for the degree of} \par}
{\large \textit{Doctor of Philosophy} \par}
%<report> {\large Technical Report \par}
%<*report> {\large \textit{Technical Report} \par}
%<thesis> {\large in the \par}
{\large \facname \par}
{\large \deptname \par}
......@@ -746,6 +747,7 @@
{\Large \@date \par}
......@@ -907,13 +909,13 @@
{\normalsize \UNIVNAME \par}
{\textsc\normalsize \univname \par}
{\underline{ABSTRACT} \par}
{\normalsize \FACNAME \par}
{\textsc\normalsize \facname \par}
{\normalsize \DEPTNAME \par}
{\textsc\normalsize \deptname \par}
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