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Commit 1fae3284 authored by pm3g19's avatar pm3g19
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Improved isEqual semantics

parent 3f39c806
......@@ -26,8 +26,9 @@ eval env expr = let (eval', evalFull') = (eval env, evalFull env) in case expr o
([Set records], [lambda]) -> Set (map (\record -> eval' $ FuncCall lambda [] [record]) records)
_ -> error "Map argument error"
IsEqual -> let (e1:e2:_) = args' in -- TODO not sufficent.
Boolean (e1 == e2)
IsEqual -> case args' of -- TODO not sufficent.
[e1, e2] -> Boolean (e1 == e2)
_ -> "isEqual argument error"
XProduct -> case inputSets' of
[(Set l1), (Set l2)] -> Set $ [ x `concatRecord` y | x <- l1, y <- l2]
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