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core.Adder: fix timing by using Z_{2^{32}} arithmetics

An addition is trivially synthesized to a ripple-carry adder. With
512b + 512b the carry chain is super long and delay becomes super
high. Although the results are same, now just use 16 32b ripple-
carry adders, which is also what the standards specify. Later a
faster adder may be considered.
parent 5bd73e7e
......@@ -10,5 +10,10 @@ class Adder extends MultiIOModule {
val rhs = IO(Input(UInt(512.W)))
val out = IO(Output(UInt(512.W)))
out := lhs + rhs
private val _lhs = lhs.asTypeOf(Vec(16, UInt(32.W)))
private val _rhs = rhs.asTypeOf(Vec(16, UInt(32.W)))
private val _out = Wire(Vec(16, UInt(32.W)))
out := _out.asUInt() { case ((l, r), o) => o := l + r }
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