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Outline syllabus

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# A workshop or short course syllabus
## why
Why not?
To provide a (number) of session(s) on our woRkflow and the tools we use to organise/collaborate/generally make us work more effectively.
## what
An outline of topics covered by such a course might be as follows:
* Why bother?
* Organisation and collaboration
* Reproducibility
* Documentation as-you-go (link to R packages)
* Collaboration tools - overview
* Communication: MS Teams/Slack <-> and (Git) integration
* Github/Gitlab
* Repositories (set up) - integration with R
* Collaboration - forking (hell) - branching - developing - merging
——R Specific (optional?) — —
* Repository structure - recommendations/best practice
* R tools
* RStudio:
* Git/RStudio integration: git made simple (for command line/Terminal phobics)
* Packages: containers for functions (+ other useful stuff) & documentation as-you-go
* Drake: for workflow management and reproducibility
* R tools UoS specific
* Soton RStudio server
## who
## how
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