There are hundreds of cyber security compliance standards, and many businesses require their partner companies to comply with numerous standards. Keeping track of each company’s compliance to a particular standard is a lengthy and potentially expensive task since it can be very difficult to maintain without the use of an external service or consultant. Most SMEs will not be able to afford this - due to the time and experience level required, it might not be something a system administrator can do on top of their other responsibilities, and a consultant might be too expensive. An automatically generated cyber security compliance engine, could provide a low cost, time efficient solution for businesses that need a flexible, customisable way of tracking their partner’s compliance, or their own compliance, with multiple standards. The goal of this project is to create a client-server system that will generate and store compliance forms for the end user. The forms will be automatically generated from a CSV file supplied by an ‘admin’, and accessible by ‘users’. This will include the ability to update the forms at a later date. This project is a client-server system only, not an application, and it will deal with cyber security compliance only - no other forms of compliance will be within the scope of this project.