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Commit d1563291 authored by Ed Rogers's avatar Ed Rogers
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Add saving of data to file

parent 07613564
......@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@ import time
import numpy as np
import random
from SoundLibrary import SoundLibrary
from typing import List
# from HearingTestGUI import HearingMplCanvas
class SoundRecord:
def __init__(self, freq, volume, time):
......@@ -52,22 +51,22 @@ class HearingTest:
for i, freq in enumerate(self.freqs):
choices.extend([(freq, v) for v in
np.arange(self.lower_bounds[i], self.upper_bounds[i], self.get_block_size())])
freq, volume = random.choice(choices), volume)
played_time = time.time()
next_sleep_time = random.uniform(self.max_response_time*1.2, self.max_response_time*3)
self.sounds.append(SoundRecord(freq, volume, played_time))
test_finished = np.all(self.finished_freqs())
return test_finished, freq, volume, played_time, next_sleep_time
return self.test_finished, freq, volume, played_time, next_sleep_time
def test_finished(self):
return np.all(self.finished_freqs)
def finished_freqs(self):
return self.upper_bounds - self.lower_bounds < self.get_block_size() * 1.2
return self.upper_bounds - self.lower_bounds < self.get_block_size() * 0.9
def check_for_not_heard(self, event_time):
for sound in reversed(self.sounds):
......@@ -87,3 +86,13 @@ class HearingTest:
def set_upper_bound(self, freq, volume):
self.upper_bounds[self.freqs == freq] = volume
def thresholds(self) -> np.ndarray:
if not self.test_finished:
raise ValueError
return mean_two_arrays(self.lower_bounds, self.upper_bounds)
def mean_two_arrays(a: np.ndarray, b: np.ndarray):
return np.mean(np.array([a, b]), axis=0)
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ class HearingMplCanvas(FigureCanvas):
def update_result(self, result: HearingTest) -> None:
self.set_bar_heights(self.ul_bar, result.upper_bounds-self.baseline)
self.set_bar_heights(self.ll_bar, result.lower_bounds-self.baseline)
self.set_bar_colors([self.ul_bar, self.ll_bar], result.finished_freqs())
self.set_bar_colors([self.ul_bar, self.ll_bar], result.finished_freqs)
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow):
def __init__(self, library):
self.library = library
self.result = None
self.test = None
self.testing_thread = None
self.test_running = False
......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow):
if event.key() == Qt.Qt.Key_Escape:
self.testing_thread.abort = True
key_press_time = time.time()
self.record_key_press(event, key_press_time)
def record_key_press(self, event: QtGui.QKeyEvent, _time):
......@@ -185,8 +185,8 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow):
self.title.setText('Test running')
self.result = HearingTest(self.library, self.graph)
self.testing_thread = HearingTestThread(self.result)
self.test = HearingTest(self.library, self.graph)
self.testing_thread = HearingTestThread(self.test)
......@@ -203,10 +203,15 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow):
self.test_running = False
self.title.setText("Press any key to start...")
self.log.append("Finished test")
self.log.append("Writing test result to file")
thresholds = self.test.thresholds
thresholds = thresholds.reshape(thresholds.shape[0], -1) # convert to 2d
with open('data.csv', 'ba') as file:
np.savetxt(file, thresholds.T, fmt='%.2f', delimiter=',')
# TODO store test
# TODO calculate score
# TODO display test
self.result = None
self.test = None
def main():
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