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fix plot limits.

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......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Group_labels <- st_read(ltla, layer="1 Group labels") %>%
And finally we can make a plot, for example Figure \@ref(fig:plotLocalAuthorities) note the `Groups` geometry provides County-level grouping of local authorities and an outline (appears bold in the plot below). `Areas` provides the local authority outlines.
```{r plotLocalAuthorities, echo = FALSE, fig.cap="Non-contiguous hexogram of local authorities in Great Britain"}
p <- ggplot()+
geom_sf(data=Background %>% filter(Name!="Ireland"), aes(geometry=geom)) +
geom_sf(data=Areas %>% filter(RegionNation != "Northern Ireland"),
aes(geometry=geom), colour="Black", size=0.2)+
......@@ -75,6 +75,16 @@ ggplot()+
legend.position="top") +
labs(title="Local Authorities Hex-Cartogram",
caption="Cartogram by House of Commons Library\nPlot by @tom_rushby")
# Labels fall off plot area - expand x axis area
# Get axis range for geo data
x_limits <- ggplot_build(p)$layout$panel_scales_x[[1]]$range$range
x_limits <- ggplot_build(p)$layout$panel_scales_y[[1]]$range$range
# Expand limits
p + xlim(x_limits[1],x_limits[2])
# Middle-layer Super Output Areas
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