Commit ee84abde authored by Ben Anderson's avatar Ben Anderson
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removed postcode code

parent f67fc0d5
postcodes <- data.table::fread("~/Dropbox/data/UK_postcodes/NSPL_AUG_2020_UK/Data/NSPL_AUG_2020_UK.csv.gz")
postcodes[, pcd_sector := data.table::tstrsplit(pcds, " ", keep = c(1))]
pc_sectors_dt <- postcodes[, .(nPostcodes = .N), keyby = .(pcd_sector, rgn)]
pc_sectors_dt[, GOR10CD := rgn]
region_codes <- readxl::read_xlsx("~/Dropbox/data/UK_postcodes/NSPL_AUG_2020_UK/Documents/Region names and codes EN as at 12_10 (GOR).xlsx")
region_code_dt <-
setkey(region_code_dt, GOR10CD)
setkey(pc_sectors_dt, GOR10CD)
dt <- region_code_dt[pc_sectors_dt]
data.table::fwrite(dt, file = here::here("data", "postcode_sectors_dt.csv"))
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