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Commit ed17a8a5 authored by Ben Anderson's avatar Ben Anderson
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added script for longitudinal electricity analysis

parent 600ac06c
* Script to:
* - analyse DECC's EULF 2014 NEED data to examine distributions etc
* Original data available from: UK DATA ARCHIVE: Study Number 7518 - National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework, 2014
* Most recent version of this script can be found at
* The script requires the following to have been run first:
Copyright (C) 2014 University of Southampton
Author: Ben Anderson (, @dataknut,
[Energy & Climate Change, Faculty of Engineering & Environment, University of Southampton]
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License
(, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
clear all
capture noisily log close
set more off
* written for Mac OSX - remember to change filesystem delimiter for other platforms
global home "/Users/ben/Documents"
local dpath "$home/Work/Data/Social Science Datatsets/DECC/NEED/End User Licence File 2014/processed"
local rpath "$home/Work/Papers and Conferences/RSS-2015/results"
local version "v1"
* set sample
* 100 = 100pc
* etc
local sample "100"
* control what happens
local do_desc = 1
* toggle graph drawing
local do_graphs = 1
* ref DECC look up table
lab def GconsValidr 1 "(V)alid" 2 "(O)ff-gas" 3 "(L)Gas < 100" 4 "(G) Gas > 50,000" 5 "M(issing in source)"
* NB DECC look up table says max elec = 50,000
lab def EconsValidr 1 "(V)alid" 2 "not set" 3 "(L)Elec < 100" 4 "(G) Elec > 25,000" 5 "M(issing in source)"
* also be aware that the consumption is rounded in buckets:
GconsYEAR . Missing, off gas or invalid consumption 100 7,999 Gas consumption kWh rounded to nearest 500 kWh 8,000- 15,999 Gas consumption kWh rounded to nearest 100 kWh 16,000 24,999 Gas consumption kWh rounded to nearest 500 kWh 25,000 34,999 Gas consumption kWh rounded to nearest 1,000 kWh 35,000 50,000 Gas consumption kWh rounded to nearest 5,000 kWh EconsYEAR . Missing or invalid consumption 100 - 9,999 Electricity consumption kWh rounded to nearest 50 kWh 10,000 - 11,999 Electricity consumption kWh rounded to nearest 100 kWh 12,000 - 14,999 Electricity consumption kWh rounded to nearest 500 kWh 15,000 - 19,999 Electricity consumption kWh rounded to nearest 1,000 kWh 20,000 - 25,000 Electricity consumption kWh rounded to nearest 5,000 kWh
set more off
log using "`rpath'/analyse-NEED-EULF-2014-electricity-consumption-`version'.smcl", replace
if `do_desc' {
di "************************"
di "* Using `sample'% sample"
use "`dpath'/need_eul_may2014_consumptionfile_long_`sample'pc.dta", clear
* set as panel in case it wasn't
xtset HH_ID year
* examine panel status
* distributions for valid obs
* Gcons
local vars "Econs Gcons"
foreach v of local vars {
di "***************"
di "* Testing `v' for `sample'% sample"
* overall
xtsum `v' if `v'Valid == "V"
* test values for valid - check for valid 0s for example. This only happens for gas where:
* 100 < gcons < 250 so included but rounded to nearest 500 = 0
* elec always rounded to nearest 50 so min should always be 100
tabstat `v', by(`v'Valid) s(n mean semean min max)
* by year
di "* check `v' for 0s (`s'% sample)"
table `v' year if `v' < 1000
table `v'Valid year, c(count `v' min `v' mean `v' max `v')
if `do_graphs' {
histogram `v' if `v'Valid == "V", by(year) name(histo_`s'pc_`v')
graph export "`rpath'/NEED-EULF-2014-`s'pc-histo_`v'_by_year_valid.png", replace
graph box `v' if `v'Valid == "V", over(year) name(box_`s'pc_`v')
graph export "`rpath'/NEED-EULF-2014-`s'pc-box_`v'_over_year_valid.png", replace
di "* check the panel transitions for each valid"
gen `v'Validr = 1 if `v'Valid == "V"
replace `v'Validr = 2 if `v'Valid == "O"
replace `v'Validr = 3 if `v'Valid == "L"
replace `v'Validr = 4 if `v'Valid == "G"
replace `v'Validr = 5 if `v'Valid == "M"
lab var `v'Validr "Recoded `v'Valid"
lab val `v'Validr `v'Validr
* di "Check transitions (`v'Validr)"
xttrans `v'Validr, freq
di "* Done!"
log close
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