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* Detailed documentation:
* Full coding details of variables at:
Notes (mostly to self):
###Terms of Use
GPL: V2 -
See license file for details.
Notes (mostly to self)
* gas kwh are weather corrected within the 10 DNO distribution zones before delivery to DECC
* The End User License file (EULF) dataset is a sample of just over 4 million households
* EULF is a semi-random sample of the 8m records which have an Energy Performance Certificate.
......@@ -34,14 +42,9 @@ Notes (mostly to self):
* V Valid electricity consumption (between 100 and 25,000 inclusive)
Notes to DECC (!)
* ideally could set missing to -99 to aid re-coding and avoid unpleasant surprises in naive analysis?
* can the consumption rounding be constant through the distributions?
* check coding of Gcons ref 0 values for 'valid' cases?
* distinguish between electric & 'other' heating in 'main heating fuel'?
###Terms of Use
GPL: V2 -
See license file for details.
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