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Commit 93036659 authored by Edward Longman's avatar Edward Longman
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Add prezipped quickstart options in makefile with ziptest make target

parent 3b0f0b61
......@@ -72,11 +72,24 @@ DOCDIR = "$(TEXMF)/doc/latex/$(STYLE)"
BIBDIR = "$(TEXMF)/bibtex/bib/$(STYLE)"
SRCDIR = "$(TEXMF)/source/latex/$(STYLE)"
TEMPLATEDEPS = figure.eps UOS.bib
ARTICLEDEPS = uosarticle.cls Article.tex $(TEMPATEDEPS)
BOOKDEPS = $(TEMPATEDEPS) Definitions.tex Introduction.tex Conclusions.tex AppendixA.tex
GDPDEPS = uosgdp.cls GDP.tex $(BOOKDEPS)
GDPSUMMARYDEPS = uosgdpsummary.cls GDPSummary.tex $(TEMPATEDEPS)
MINITHESISDEPS = uosminithesis.cls MiniThesis.tex $(BOOKDEPS)
PROGRESSDEPS = uosprogress.cls Progress.tex $(BOOKDEPS)
PROJECTDEPS = uosproject.cls Project.tex $(BOOKDEPS)
REPORTDEPS = uosreport.cls Report.tex $(BOOKDEPS)
THESISDEPS = uosthesis.cls Thesis.tex UoSLogo.png $(BOOKDEPS)
#*====================== LATEX INSTALLATION CONFIG ==========================
LATEX = pdflatex
PDFTEXIFY = texify --pdf
MAKEINDEX = makeindex
ZIP = 7z a -tzip
UNZIP = 7z e
#*==================== DIFFERENT MAKE CONFIGURATIONS ========================
......@@ -84,6 +97,8 @@ all: $(GENFILES) $(DOCFILES)
dist: $(STYLE).zip
UNZIPFILES = $(patsubst %, unzipped/%, $(TESTFILES))
ziptest: $(UNZIPFILES)
#* .SECONDARY used to stop it building repeatedly
......@@ -101,13 +116,30 @@ $(DOCFILES): $(STYLE).dtx
%.pdf: %.tex
$(PDFTEXIFY) $*.tex
$(UNZIP) -obuild/ $*.zip
$(PDFTEXIFY) build/$*.tex -output-directory="build/" --quiet
grep "2021/02/15 v1.3" build/$*.log
cp build/$*.pdf unzipped/$*.pdf
rm build/*
#*========================== ZIP REQUIREMENTS ===============================
$(MAKE) clean
#*============================= CLEAN TYPES =================================
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
[2020/09/16 v1.2
[2021/02/15 v1.3
%<thesis|minithesis|progress|project|report|article|gdp|gdpsummary> LaTeX document class]
% \end{macrocode}
......@@ -1265,9 +1265,9 @@
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