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Write improved installation process for MikTeX

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......@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ LaTeX Documents for the University of Southampton. Mainly for Thesis and project
## Your `{TEXMF}` root subdirectory
For Tex Live: This whole folder can be moved into the `~/texmf` directory to begin using the class files.
For MikTeX: It is platform dependent, See `UserInstall` from (
For MikTeX: It is platform dependent, See `UserInstall` from (
You may need to register your directories:
You will need to update the filename database (FNDB) (MiKTeX Console -> Tasks ->Refresh file name database), see You can do this in the command line with the `initexmf -u` command.
## The folder post install
If using the zip download there may be one or two containing directories before the actual
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