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Commit cd3ccc9d authored by B.Anderson's avatar B.Anderson
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added reporting of duplicates; trying to fix tables for pdf output. Vanilla...

added reporting of duplicates; trying to fix tables for pdf output. Vanilla kableExtra::kable() should do it?
parent d45c1667
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ output:
toc: yes
toc_depth: 2
fig_width: 5
always_allow_html: yes
bibliography: '`r paste0(here::here(), "/bibliography.bib")`'
......@@ -64,7 +63,7 @@ We have some electricity substation feeder data that has been cleaned to give me
There seem to be some NA kW values and a lot of missing time stamps. We want to select the 'best' (i.e most complete) days within a day-of-the-week/season/year sampling frame. If we can't do that we may have to resort to seasonal mean kW profiles by hour & day of the week...
Code used to generate this report:
The code used to generate this report is in:
# Data prep
......@@ -78,7 +77,7 @@ origDataDT <- drake::readd(origData) # readd the drake object
uniqDataDT <- drake::readd(uniqData) # readd the drake object
kableExtra::kable(head(origDataDT), digits = 2,
caption = "Counts per feeder (long table)") %>%
caption = "First 6 rows of data") %>%
......@@ -89,16 +88,19 @@ message("Original data nrows: ", tidyNum(nrow(origDataDT)))
message("Unique data nrows: ", tidyNum(nrow(uniqDataDT)))
message("So we have ", tidyNum(nrow(origDataDT) - nrow(uniqDataDT)), " duplicates...")
nDups <- tidyNum(nrow(origDataDT) - nrow(uniqDataDT))
message("So we have ", tidyNum(nDups), " duplicates...")
pc <- 100*((nrow(origDataDT) - nrow(uniqDataDT))/nrow(origDataDT))
message("That's ", round(pc,2), "%")
feederDT <- uniqDataDT[!] # use dt with no duplicates
origDataDT <- NULL # save memory
There were `r tidyNum(nrow(origDataDT) - nrow(uniqDataDT))` duplicates - that's `r round(pc,2)` % of the observations loaded.
There were `r tidyNum(nDups)` duplicates - that's ~ `r round(pc,2)` % of the observations loaded.
So we remove the duplicates...
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