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Commit 8f4148a1 authored by B.Anderson's avatar B.Anderson
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fixed yaml, rmeoved the huge table that messes up the pdf

parent 4f3393ed
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ output:
fig_caption: yes
number_sections: yes
toc: yes
toc_depth: 2
fig_caption: yes
number_sections: yes
......@@ -80,21 +82,6 @@ kableExtra::kable(head(origDataDT), digits = 2,
Check data prep worked OK.
```{r dataPrep}
# check
t <- origDataDT[, .(nObs = .N,
firstDate = min(rDateTime, na.rm = TRUE),
lastDate = max(rDateTime, na.rm = TRUE),
meankW = mean(kW, na.rm = TRUE)
), keyby = .(region, feeder_ID)]
kableExtra::kable(t, digits = 2,
caption = "Counts per feeder (long table)") %>%
Do a duplicate check by feeder_ID, dateTime & kW. In theory there should not be any.
```{r checkForDuplicates}
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