University of Southampton Git Service

University of Southampton Users

University of Southampton users can sign in immediately under the Southampton tab - there's no need to register first. Upon signing in for the first time you won't immediately be able to create repositories, but this permission will be automatically granted with a few minutes.

External Collaborators

External collaborators can sign in using the Standard tab after they've registered under the Register Now link. External users are unable to create repositories, and permissions can be granted to University of Southampton repositories by the owners.

Administrator approval is now required for registering new external accounts. If you are registering a new account, and are external to the University, please ask the repository owner to contact ServiceLine to request your account be approved. Repository owners must include the newly registered email address, and specific repository in the request for approval.

When inviting external users to your project directly, your external user will need to inform you when they have completed registration/sign up You will then need to contact ServiceLine to create a ticket for your external user to be approved to access the service.

General Information

The University Git service has an agreed at-risk period every Wednesday between 8am and 9am. Should any scheduled changes or upgrades require that the service is needed to be taken offline, it will be between this time.

For support in using Git please refer to the Git documentation or watch Git Essential Training on

University of Southampton Git Service
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