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      Fix layout, improve README, upgrade Jekyll template
      # Why?
      - the layout was broken
      - `.gitlab-ci.yml` had a unnecessary gem (redcarpet)
      - the template was very old (probably Jekyll 2.4.0 or older)
      # What did you do?
      - I generated new Jekyll site locally (`jekyll new project`) using last Jekyll version (3.2.1)
      - I added readme with basic instructions and fix doc-pages URL (was https://doc.gitlab.com/ee/pages/)
      - I edited `_config.yml` url and baseurl to match the correct path and kept the same title as before ("Example Jekyll site using GitLab Pages")
      # Results
      # Why WIP?
      Because the changes are significant in terms of content. We could just fix the urls on `_config.yml` and the link to doc-pages on readme and we'd be good to go.
      # README:
      ![Jekyll Version](https://img.shields.io/badge/Jekyll-3.1.2-red.svg)
      ![Build Status](https://gitlab.com/pages/jekyll/badges/master/build.svg)
      Example [Jekyll] site using GitLab Pages. Read more at http://doc.gitlab.com/ee/pages/README.html
      # Theme: Jekyll 3 Default
      # Original source:
      This project was created with [Jekyll] v.3.1.2 default template by running `jekyll new project` locally. 
      After that, the project was pushed to this repository with the following configurations:
      - GitLab CI config: [`.gitlab-ci.yml`]
      - Gitignore: [`.gitignore`]
      - Jekyll config: [`_config.yml`]
      # Building locally
      _**Note:** We assume you already have [Jekyll 3.1.2][jek-312] installed and up and running on your computer._
      To work locally with this project, there are a few options. But let's keep it simple:
      - Fork, clone or download this project
      - Adjust [`_config.yml`] according to your project
      - Preview your project: `jekyll serve`
      # GitLab User or Group Page
      To use this project as your user/group website, you will need one additional step: just rename your project to `namespace.gitlab.io`, where `namespace` is your `username` or `groupname`. This can be done by navigating to `Project` -> `Settings`.
      # Forked projects
      If you forked this project for your own use, please go to `Project` -> `Settings` and remove the forking relationship, which won't be necessary in this case. 
      [Jekyll]: http://jekyllrb.com/
      [jek-312]: https://rubygems.org/gems/jekyll/versions/3.1.2
      [`_config.yml`]: https://gitlab.com/pages/jekyll/blob/master/_config.yml
      [`.gitlab-ci.yml`]: https://gitlab.com/pages/jekyll/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml
      [`.gitignore`]: https://gitlab.com/pages/jekyll/blob/master/.gitignore
      cc/ @axil 
      See merge request !1
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