Commit 21cb8610 authored by Ed Rogers's avatar Ed Rogers
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Handle aborting properly

parent c70346de
...@@ -213,8 +213,13 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow): ...@@ -213,8 +213,13 @@ class TestWindow(QMainWindow):
def aborted(self): def aborted(self):
self.log.append('Test aborted') self.log.append('Test aborted')
self.test = None
self.test_running = False
def test_finished(self): def test_finished(self):
if not self.test_running:
self.test_running = False self.test_running = False
self.title.setText(self.start_text) self.title.setText(self.start_text)
self.log.append("Finished test") self.log.append("Finished test")
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