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You should have installed a TeX distribution (MiKTeX or TexLive). How to do so can be found by searching the internet.
A medium install of \href{}{Tex Live} is recommended, see Section~\ref{texlive}. A Full installation is \emph{large} (\textgreater 4.5GB), a medium is about 2GB.
\subsection{\LaTeX on Windows}
When runnning the installer select ``Custom Install''. You may need to run the installer as an Administrator (right click\textgreater Run as Administrator).
\subsection{\LaTeX{} on a Mac}
The \LaTeX{} distribution is available for many systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The package for OS X is called MacTeX and it contains all the applications you need -- bundled together and pre-customized.
MacTeX includes a custom dedicated \LaTeX{} editor called TeXShop for writing your \verb|.tex| files and BibDesk: a program to manage your references and create your bibliography section just as easily as managing songs and creating playlists in iTunes.
\subsection{TeXlive GUI Installer}\label{texlive}
The following process can be followed to select the collections required the result of which is shown in Figure~\ref{Figure:texlive_coll}.
\item Choose the scheme when in the installer.
\item Select Scheme-medium. Then choose Installation Collections.
\item Remove any languages you do not need.
\item Remove ``ConTex'', ``MetaPost'', ``XeTeX''
\item Add ``LaTex Additional Packages'', ``Graphics, Pictures, Diagrams''
\item The installation of ``TeXworks editor'' is optional
\caption{Required installation collections in Tex Live Windows/Unix Installer}
Additionally for the copyright statement the ``Droid'' package is needed. It is recommended to install this using the ``Tex Live Manager'' after the main install, The TeX Live Manager is shown in Figure~\ref{Figure:texlive-mgr}.
\caption{Required installation collections in Tex Live Windows/Unix Installer}
The particular configuration of a MiKTeX installation is not documented as it was not tested with this.
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