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Write an abstract and acknowledgements

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This introduction the University of Southampton Thesis template should get you started with this template as quick as possible.
Whilst knowledge of \LaTeX in advance is helpful this guide should be friendly enough to get started without it.
%% -----------------------
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%% Or state no citations like below
%% \authorshipdeclaration{}
%% -----------------------
\acknowledgements{Thanks to no one.}
\acknowledgements{Sincere thanks must go to all those who worked on this before me.
This template is the cumulative effort of a number of people, of whom I am just the most recent.
The template relies on the work of Steve Gunn who started this work and C. J. Lovell who textually updated some parts. This guide is just an extension of the work of \href{}{Vel (at}, and \href{}{Sunil Patel} who kindly gave permission for me to use their instructions as a base.}
\dedicatory{To \dots}
%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
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