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Write section about fonts, change to subfigbox, recompile

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......@@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ Here are some of the nice things you can do with the template.
This page shows you a subfigure example in \fref{Figure:figsubex}.
\subfigure[The left caption]{
\subcaptionbox{The left caption}{
\subfigure[The right caption]{
\subcaptionbox{The right caption}{
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......@@ -96,6 +96,10 @@ More detail can be found in the class docs file. Found in \verb|doc\latex\uosdoc
of the texmf directory discussed in Section~\ref{start}.
The other common commands already exist in the top level template file.
It is very easy to change the default font of the document. Fonts in \LaTeX{} come as packages, so
\verb|\usepackage{fontname}| before your \verb|\begin{document}| directive.
\subsection{Add a Glossary or Index}
\emph{Both Indexes and Glossaries involve an extra build step so you will need to read the manual before inserting these.} They should be put after a \verb|\cleartoeven| as is convention for indexes to start on the left.
Some people may want to have an index or prefer Glossary instead of a list of symbols.
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