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author = {S.R. Gunn},
......@@ -8,3 +8,23 @@
year = {2001},
url = {}
author = {C. J. Lovell},
title = {Updated templates},
year = {2011}
author = {S.R. Gunn and C. J. Lovell},
title = {Updated templates reference 2},
year = {2011}
author = {{Free Software Foundation, Inc.}},
title = {GNU Make}
url = {}
author = {Frank Mit­tel­bach,
title = {docstrip Remove comments from file}
url = {}
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%% Introduction.tex
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\chapter{Introduction} \label{Chapter:Introduction}
You probably found all the files from \cite{Gunn:2001:pdflatex}.
......@@ -49,3 +49,71 @@ Nam egestas felis euismod erat tincidunt ornare. Nulla hendrerit tempor purus ac
Pellentesque sodales lobortis feugiat. Vivamus volutpat mauris id odio aliquam maximus sed sit amet nibh. Fusce odio tortor, aliquam et mauris facilisis, interdum placerat tortor. Suspendisse dapibus, massa eget cursus congue, mi lectus luctus nisl, vitae sagittis ligula ante sit amet enim. Donec quis sapien vel ex vestibulum porta. Vivamus mattis sodales turpis, id interdum justo ullamcorper a. Aenean ornare urna turpis, id fermentum eros commodo aliquet. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Donec cursus pretium ex at mollis. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Sed at diam quam. Etiam a sollicitudin dui. Nulla facilisi. Phasellus condimentum tincidunt ipsum. Sed dignissim neque a porttitor finibus. Maecenas pretium dictum lorem vitae viverra.
Donec vitae massa nisi. Praesent sed sollicitudin urna. Suspendisse vitae cursus tortor. In egestas quis dolor ac porttitor. Pellentesque suscipit leo nisi, a semper nunc interdum quis. Aenean massa magna, aliquam imperdiet lorem vitae, vestibulum dignissim nunc. Nunc molestie eleifend dui et porta. Sed auctor eu nunc vel faucibus. Integer et finibus metus, pharetra egestas velit. Sed nec magna semper, rutrum diam vitae, accumsan sapien. Donec congue viverra luctus.
You should have installed a TeX distribution (MiKTeX or TexLive). How to do so can be found by searching the internet.
Following a medium install of texlive some extra packages are required to be able to use this template.
These packages are:
\item droid
%TODO: finish package requirements
The particular packages required following MiKTeX are unknown as it was not tested with this.
%TODO: Test with MiKTeX
\section{Getting Started}\label{start}
You probably have downloaded the templates as a zip file.
This zip file should be extracted to the tex-mf folder that is probably in the same place as where your tex distribution was installed.
For TeXLive this defaults to `C:\textbackslash texlive` on Windows. It can be found by running `kpsewhich -var-value=TEXMFHOME`.
The structure of this folder should results as so is as so:
| +-bib
| | +-ecsdocs
| +-bst
| +-ecsdocs
| +-latex
| +-ecsdocs
| +-latex
| +-ecsdocs
The `templates\textgreater latex\textgreater ecsdocs` folder contains the files to get you started.
The base file is `Thesis.tex` for a thesis and `Progress.tex` for a progress report.
The base files have dependancies for the sections and the figures.
These files are: `Definitions.tex`, `Introduction.tex`, `Conclusion.tex`, `AppendixA.tex`, `figure.eps`, `ECS.bib`.
These files are designed as a starting point for the structure of your thesis.
To start using the templates, copy the base file and the dependancies into your working directory.
You are then free to edit them.
\section{Common Changes}
\subsection{University Structure Changes}
The template assumes that you are in the \groupname, \deptname, \facname at the \univname.
This can be easily changed at the top of your latex file by redefinition of the variables.
These commands are:
\university {\texorpdfstring{\href{}
{University of Southampton}}
{University of Southampton}}
\UNIVERSITY {\MakeUppercase{\univname}}
\department {}
\DEPARTMENT {\MakeUppercase{\deptname}}
\group {}
\GROUP {\MakeUppercase{\groupname}}
\faculty {}
\FACULTY {\MakeUppercase{\facname}}
The all caps command version must be run after changing the normal case command for it to change the default. The university example here also has a link embedded.
More detail can be found in the class docs file. Found in `doc\textgreater latex\textgreater ecsdocs` of the texmf directory discussed in Section~\ref{start}.
The other common commands already exist in the top level template file.
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