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\chapter{Rebuilding the Templates}\label{rebuilding}
In most cases this template style and layout will be suitable. If it is not, it may only require a small change to bring the template in line with your institution's recommendations.
Quick modifications will need to be done on the \verb|uosthesis.cls|, \verb|uosprogress.cls| etc. file in the \verb|tex/latex/uosdocs| folder. Modification of all the templates or major modifications should be made to the original \verb|source/latex/uosdocs/uosdocs.dtx|
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\section{The Build Process}
To change the templates you should understand how the templates are made.
The templates are built using the docstrip package.
``The pack­age pre­pares a \LaTeX  ker­nel or pack­age source file for ac­tual use, by re­mov­ing the doc­u­men­ta­tion and meta-data'' \citep{Docstrip}
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It also creates a document containing some documentation for the created files.

The docstrip utility comes as a latex package so when the main file (.dtx) is run with the command \verb|$(LATEX) uosdocs.ins| it creates all the class files plus the example templates.
When this tool is run it creates lots of auxiliary files.
To help with managing these auxiliary files GNU Make is used. ``GNU Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files.''\citep{GNUdesc}.
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The make command can be run in several different configurations. \verb|make all| creates all of the class, template, bibliography and figure files from the source files. \verb|make install| moves all of the created files into the users texmf directory ready for use.
Also, the \verb|make| etc. will package the minimum necessary files for each type of template.
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\section{The Source File}
The source file \verb|uosdocs.dtx| results in the several different class (\verb|.cls|) files as well as the template (\verb|.tex|) files.
``The installer is the \verb|uosdocs.ins| file. An installer file
extracts the code from a \verb|.dtx| file, uses \verb|DocStrip| to
strip off the comments and documentation, and outputs the \verb|.cls| files.''\citep{pack_write}
It also creates the figure files and the chapter files.
Whilst this creates a mess of files all in one folder, the \verb|make install| command is designed to clean them up into a folder structure described in Listing~\ref{folder_struct}.
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The dtx file is designed to ensure continuity across different classes: names, font, department page styling and other formats.
It largely self documents into the folder labelled \verb|doc|.

As the work done in rebuilding this was for the purpose of improving the PhD Thesis and Progress report templates the others have not been tested.