Commit 831835f0 authored by Elijah Andrews's avatar Elijah Andrews

Added axis line scaling.

parent c3f60fdf
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ def initialize_plt(font_size=10, line_scale=1, capsize=3):
font = {'family': 'serif', 'size': font_size, 'serif': ['cmr10']}
plt.rc('font', **font)
plt.rc('lines', linewidth=line_scale, markersize=3 * line_scale)
plt.rc('axes', linewidth=0.5)
plt.rc('axes', linewidth=0.5*line_scale)
plt.rc('patch', linewidth=0.5 * line_scale)
plt.rc('errorbar', capsize=capsize)
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