Commit 47411aee authored by Elijah Andrews's avatar Elijah Andrews

Added a fitting function for slot data based on numerical predictions.

parent 1d718a8b
from common.util.file_utils import csv_to_lists
from scipy.optimize import curve_fit
import numpy as np
def get_num_prediction_function():
file_dir = "C:/Users/eda1g15/OneDrive - University of Southampton/Research/Slot Geometries/Code/Cavitation-Analysis/numerical/models/model_outputs/slot/"
file_name = "W2.00H2.00Y2.00_bem_slot_prediction_20000_0.25_24.0_normalised.csv"
x_hats, theta_hats = csv_to_lists(file_dir, file_name, has_headers=True)
x_hats, theta_hats = zip(*sorted(zip(x_hats, theta_hats)))
x_hats = np.array(x_hats)
theta_hats = np.array(theta_hats)
def interp_pred(x, x_star, theta_star, x_offset, theta_offset):
fit_xs = x_hats * x_star + x_offset
fit_thetas = theta_hats * theta_star + theta_offset
return np.interp(x, fit_xs, fit_thetas)
return interp_pred
def num_prediction_fit(xs, thetas, std):
interp_pred = get_num_prediction_function()
(x_star, theta_star, x_offset, theta_offset), cov = \
curve_fit(interp_pred, xs, thetas, [1, 0.5, 0, 0], sigma=[std] * len(xs))
return x_star, theta_star, x_offset, theta_offset
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