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Commit ee5a243d authored by Ben Anderson's avatar Ben Anderson
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updated readme re PV installs

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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Notes (mostly to self)
* Records were selected based on the frequency of household type in the dataset relative to the total dwelling stock so that uncommon property types (e.g. older detached properties) are over-represented and common types (e.g. flats where turnover is high) are under-represented. The supplied weight corrects for this for descriptive analysis.
* Implications for sample bias unclear - there may be other systematic biases not captured by the weight?
* UPRN = unique property reference = linkage mechanism across EPCs, gas/electricity data and EST data on energy efficiency installations (uses AddressBase)
* hoping to add PV etc installations soon
* PV installs added for 2015 report - see
* Bias caused by linkage failure is unknown although the DECC NEED Data Framework report from 2013 suggest match rates of 94%-100% (
* Both gas and electricity consumption are rounded and the rounding range ('to nearest n') increases through the distributions (see The reasons for this are explained in the consultation response at
* the Gcons*valid variable codes:
......@@ -48,4 +48,3 @@ Notes to DECC (!)
* can the consumption rounding be constant through the distributions?
* check coding of Gcons ref 0 values for 'valid' cases?
* distinguish between electric & 'other' heating in 'main heating fuel'?
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