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Commit 5924208b authored by Edward Longman's avatar Edward Longman
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Change the Appendix TOC entries and References and Bibliography

The TOC entries for appendicies are now Appendix A, Appendix B etc. 

The references should be in a references section and other things should 
go in the bibliography. The difference is nuanced but bibliography items 
are not usually referenced in the text and are more general places of 
interest or broad sources information of use.
parent 67c23851
......@@ -1393,9 +1393,12 @@ Data: Author (Year) Title. URI [dataset]}
% \begin{macro}{\frontmatter}
% \begin{macro}{\mainmatter}
% \begin{macro}{\backmatter}
% \begin{macro}{\appendix}
% Define \texttt{frontmatter},\texttt{mainmatter},\texttt{backmatter} for the article class
% and rename the bibliography to something that makes more sense.
% and rename the bibliography to something that makes more sense. For other classes make the
% Appendix entry in the table of contents better and rename the references in a slightly
% different way.
% \begin{macrocode}
......@@ -1404,10 +1407,25 @@ Data: Author (Year) Title. URI [dataset]}
\let\oldappendix\appendix % Put full appendix name in ToC
\def\addcontentsline##1##2##3{\oldacl@pp{##1}{##2}{\appendixname\space ##3}}
% \end{macrocode}
% \end{macro}
% \end{macro}
% \end{macro}
% \end{macro}
% \begin{macrocode}
......@@ -1555,11 +1573,11 @@ say not much at all
\chapter{Glossary [if relevant]}
To use list of references as well as the bibliography section use the \texttt{multibbl} package.
To use bibliography as well as the references section use the \texttt{multibbl} package.
\chapter{Index [if relevant]}
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